In this article, we will discuss the Youtube filter not workingYoutube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

Almost over 30 million visitors pay a visit on this platform every single day. 

On youtube, 50 billion videos are watch on a daily basis. 

Youtube is becoming more popular with time. Even children start using youtube. 

Youtube has numerous setting options. These settings allow parents to restrict the content their children see while others help them find desired search results. 

In this article, we will discuss the Youtube search filter

What is a youtube search filter?

Every minute 300 hours of video are upload to youtube, and it becomes tough to get the desired video.

Youtube has brought the search filter option to get you out of this problem.

A Youtube search filter helps to fetch the desired video from the youtube database. 

This youtube tool allows the user to filter the stream of video according to upload date, duration, features, etc. 

Your youtube filters not working 2019

The functionality of Youtube filter

This filtering tool helps the users to search for desired videos by filtering them based on the following 

youtube search filter not working 2019

Many times it’s been reported by the users that the youtube search filter isn’t working appropriately. This issue has been report from all over the world.

Google has admitted that they have turned off the filter option purposely, and it’s a temporary issue so that they can respond with better services. 

Youtube filter not working! Why?

When youtube managers remove the graphic, violative content, or inappropriate content, they turn off the youtube filter. It’s a way to restrict users from watching violent and inappropriate content. 

That’s why the youtube search filter appears to Youtube search filter not working / Youtube filter Broken in front of the audience.  

Again users found it challenging to search for the desired video, and Of course, they fixed it as soon as possible. How youtube can leave its users disappointed for an extended period. 

If it happens again?

Youtube cares about its users, so they came up with an alternative option to fix this issue.  

Here are the methods to fix this issue. It’s an alternative way to check or get the details like upload date, duration, features, etc.

Method 1

Step 1: Go to the settings option on your device, now tap on Apps and select the Youtube.

Step 2: Select “storage, now two options will appear on your screen 

Step 3: Clear the cache and check if the youtube filter tool works or not. If it’s not working then  

Step 4: Again, to the settings and repeat the same process, but this time you need to select the 2nd option “clear data.”

Now check if it is fix, and the problem remains the same as earlier then try another method.

Method 2 

In this method, you have to use Google Advanced Search Tool. This tool helps the users to filter the search results as per your requirements. 

Here are the steps to follow:

To use Google Advanced Search Tool on, follow these steps.

Step 1: Type the name of the video on Google’s search bar, add “” after the video name. 

Step 2: Click on the “videos” tab.

Step 3: Now, click on the option “Tool” that is present on your right side, below the search bar.

Step 4: After clicking the tool, look at the middle. Some options will appear like Any duration, Any time, Any quality, All videos.

Now select any of these filters according to your choice and get your desired results. 

I understand it’s not as good as youtube’s search filter, but still, your work is being done.

So, you need to put extra & extra effort into making videos. You need to follow a few steps to 4000 hours to minutes on youtube.

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