Are you interested to know about What is Ping Submission? Then read the Blog properly. The world of blogs, SEO content, and website ownership, ping submission is one of the most important things you need to know to help you get noticed online.

When you’re asking yourself what is ping, it’s probably safe to say that you haven’t actually been pinging your website or blog as you’re supposed to.

Ping is actually a network administration tool that allows you to tag your blog, website or comment box so that the internet knows something has changed and it will update across the search engine. When someone else pings your website, it’s a sign that they have visited your site.

Ping Submission

Ping means that you’re notifying search engines like Google and also web directories that your web page or blog has actually been recently updated. It makes the major search engines such as Google and Bing get automatically inform about your website’s status. So, basically, pinging your site can be seen as important as adding content to it.

When you are finish pinging, you enable those search engine spiders to mechanically crawl your site’s articles for faster indexing. When pinging is done, your website or blog can get higher rankings in the Search Engines.

What is the result of Ping submission? Increased targeted traffic coming from search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. More traffic means more sales and profit for your website. It is the result of ping submission.

What is Ping?

Pinging is also useful when you are doing search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. It helps in making your website much more noticeable by big search engines like Google, making your blog’s ranking effort far easier to get done.

If you thought that plain and basic SEO is enough for your online strategy, then you are likely to be wrong, as you must also do pinging of your website. When is the proper time to ping your website? You may ping your website when you add, update and post contents.

ping submission

As you update, you will be able to discover what is ping because you should ping your site every time you make an update. This will send a message to the search engines to update you in their system.

Ping is a great thing to know and you can even program WordPress to optimize the pinging process. If you update your blog and you ping, it’s a great thing.

If you’re constantly editing your blog, however, WordPress will still automatically ping for you, which can be seen as spam. There are programs that can help you improve the pinging so that it’s only helping you and not working against you.

Benefits of Ping Submission?

In the world of SEO content, ping is one of the most important elements that you ever have to know. You want to get that great search engine ranking and there is a fine balance between good and bad pinging.

Knowing what is ping & ping submission sites will help you establish the correct balance so that your site isn’t viewed as spam and it won’t throw you back in the ranking.

You need to ping your website or blog periodically to show the search engines that it’s been update and that it’s in use. What you don’t want is to ping it so many times that it either increases your bounce rate or shows the search engine that you’re spamming.

Understanding the balance and using it for your benefit will help you understand what is ping and use your ping learning curve to help drive more traffic to your site.

What is Ping Submission sites?

I know many of you will have this question in your mind about how to ping the website in ping submission sites. There is nothing to worry about. Pinging a website in ping submission sites is not so difficult. 

Steps to ping a website in ping submission sites : 

There is a simple form on the website you just need to fill that form, the form will ask you to fill in your website details like website name, URL, RSS feed URL, and your Email. 

ping submission site

Then after filling all the details click on submit tab

That’s all your website will be ping to different search engines. Here, is the list of ping submission sites that will help you to ping your website to various search engines.


These are ping submission sites list, you can go through these ping submission sites list to get ping your website.

Free ping submission sites list :

Ping submission helps a lot in indexing, most of the backlinks never indexed by google here, ping submission helps out to a great extent. It is also a quick and easy method to index your website.

Choose this high authority ping submission sites for your website for faster indexing

This list is totally free for ping submission sites :


Benefits of free ping submission sites list :

There are many benefits of free ping submission sites. Here, I am mentioning a few of them It submits your websites, blogs or backlinks to various search engines. It notifies all the search engines about new backlinks and contents

Free ping submission might be helpful to improve your ranking in search engines. These sites are absolutely free for you.

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