Graphic Design is my Passion is an emotion often use through this tool like Photoshop and illustrator. I will create a visual graphic design. Passion is a must in the field you want to pursue your career.

I believe it is one of the things that push you up towards success. Am a graphic designer by profession and proud to say that I am building myself up to something I love.

Tips for social media graphic design

Let us talk about the importance of graphic design in social media. Now in 2020, social media graphic design is booming because millions of people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

8 Tips For Graphic Designer

Get More work in Graphic Design Than follow this step :

Create Branding Yourself : 

Tips For Finding A Graphic Design Job

Essential Qualities for Graphic Designers

Various Duties of Graphic Designers

Graphic designers normally do the following:

Graphic Design Tips For Beginners

Types of freelance work for graphic Designer 

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is an essential element when it comes to the Graphic Design field.

Most graphic designers must use this one at a time. Photoshop is a very Important photo editing and manipulation software in the graphical market world.

Photoshop tools are fully loaded with smart features editing for and photos like digital painting and drawing.

What is Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a pro professional vector-based graphic design software, especially for the Graphic Designer.

Graphic designers, through the use of this tool, make usual drawings to convert in illustrators.

Graphic Designer uses Adobe Illustrator to create amazing posters, symbols, patterns, branding logo design, Icon, etc.

Illustrator Graphic has divided into main categories like Raster graphic and vector graphic.

If you don’t know about this vector or raster graphic, I will help you understand this topic :

Raster graphic:

Raster images stand for pixel graphics. A pixel is a particular point or the least single element in a display device if you zoom in to a raster visual design element image then you see a lot of small tiny squares.

Vector graphic:

Vector illustrations remain correct forecasts of one location to another, so form rows and patterns. If you zoom into a vector graphic design element image, it will forever look the same.

What is  In Design?

DesignDesign is a computer publishing software application tool for creating excellent graphics like – brochures, magazines, creating flyers, newspapers, books, and many more. Design mainly uses for magazine paper page design.

There are various tools for Graphic Designer:

Photoshop :

Illustrator :

In Design :

What Adobe premiere pro?

Adobe premiere pro is one of the best video editing software for the designer and especially for video maker. I think it the easiest & professional video editing software.

You can do you’re all of video editing work on here. Such as cutting footage, Add music, Text animation for Title and credit.

You can make you dream film on it. Premiere pro is batter than another video. Because on it you make a dynamic link with After effect for VFX work.

Follow these simple steps to change adobe premiere pro-language to English

1) Create new project

2)Click ok

3) Click yes

4) Press Ctrl + F12

5) Click on console options

6) Select debug database view

7) Go To ApplicationLanguage

8) Type en_EN

9) Close Debug database view option

10) Close adobe premiere pro

11) Open adobe premiere pro Done!

You changed adobe premiere language to English

What Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a motion video editing software application for creating motion graphics including specific effects used in the video.

After Effects is used internationally in TV and movie post-production, the creation of special effects, and animation.

Computer Requirements for Photoshop

The following are the minimum requirements for using adobe Photoshop on Windows or Mac OS computers.

Computer requirements for Photoshop Windows:

Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme

We certainly have some images regarding Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme including drawings, images, photos, wallpapers, including more, etc.

Graphic Design is My Passion Meme all memes create a graphic fun image for users to have fun.

History of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop was create started in 1987 by the brothers of Thomas and John Knoll. Photoshop is developed for only standard photo editing software. But Photoshop has upgraded many times. Adobe’s latest version is the cc version.


Graphic Design is My Passion is a slogan that explains everyone that you are and what you create. The expression does apply as an expression by graphic design firms,

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