Best SEO Freelancer In Delhi

Best SEO Freelancer In Delhi | SEO Expert In Delhi NCR

Earlier, many people were not aware of the term SEO, but now most people are aware of the term, and they are hiring the Best SEO experts to grow their business online as well. 

Let me clear the term SEO as many people are out there who are new to the digital world and aren’taren’t aware of the time. 

What is SEO?

The term SEO refers to the process of getting websites on the top of search engine page results so that interested internet users can visit your site and opt for the services or products that you offer. 

Your website’s presence on Google’sGoogle’s search engine and social media platforms builds the trust of the users in you. As you know, belief ought to be present between the consumer and service provider. 

An excellent social media presence and ranking your website on the first page of the search engine are necessitated to expand your business. 

Why does your business need SEO? 

Your business needs SEO because SEO helps in making the core of your business firm, and it also makes your services & products visible to the viewers. 

SEO helps to rank your website on the top of search engine page results, and top-ranking provides brand value for your business. 

SEO opens the door to numerous opportunities; it helps your business achieve new heights of success and attracts new customers. 

What are the Advantages of SEO for your business?

If you have decided to do SEO for your website, then it is one of the best decisions of your life.  

After getting done the SEO of your website by an SEO expert, you will get to see your website on the top results of Google. 

Getting your website on top of Google’sGoogle’s result increases your business’s online visibility and helps you reach potential customers. 

Benefits of hiring SEO Expert In Delhi | Best SEO Freelancer In Delhi

If you entrust your website in the hands of the best SEO freelancer in Delhi, you will benefit for sure; there is no doubt about it. 

  • Best Freelance SEO Services in Delhi

We SEOHIKES have intense experience in this industry and have served numerous clients. We correctly follow the guidelines by Google that that’s the reason people trust us and choose us. 

  • Team of Experienced Expert 

We have a team of trusted and experienced SEO experts; they strive to serve the clients with the best SEO service. 

  • Guaranteed Results 

We believe in keeping our promises. We put all our efforts to provide what we promise to our clients 

  • Scaling up the business 

We aim to help our clients to reach new heights and scaling up the business.  

  • Customized SEO Service

Every business is unique in its way. So the same strategy doesn’tdoesn’t apply to every business. Thus, we create customized SEO services according to the requirement of the company. 

Apart from SEO, We specialize in providing quality link building, Graphic designing, and Website designing.  

Why should I hire an SEO Freelancer in Delhi?  

A question may arise: why should you choose an SEO Freelancer instead of an SEO agency.

Any digital marketing agency or IT company will charge you double the money per project than an SEO freelancer.

An experienced SEO freelancer in Delhi will provide you with the same service or even better service at lower prices.  

As you know, SEO keeps on changing. As soon as a new Google update comes, its impact always falls on the SEO ranking. So you should entrust your website to an experienced and best SEO freelancer in Delhi who has the proper knowledge of the latest algorithms and works accordingly to provide you with better results. 

Why Choose Me as SEO Freelancer in Delhi?

For the past 3+ years, I have worked as an SEO Specialist in a reputed IT company. I’m aware of recent updates and algorithms that will help to provide better revenue for a business. I can individually manage SEO, SMO, website designing, and graphic designing. So if you hire me, you’ll get everything from SEO to website designing, Graphics all under one roof. I have optimized more than 150+ websites and also created more than 20+ websites.

SEO is a complicated process that that’s why it is recommended to opt for an experienced SEO specialist for your project.  

What do I do as SEO Freelancer in Delhi?

Here are the stepwise activities that I do as an SEO freelancer-

  • Step 1: Analyze the website
  • Step 2: SEO Audit 
  • Step 3: On-Page SEO
  • Step 4: Off-Page SEO 
  • Step 5: Reporting

Our Best Freelance SEO Services Delhi Includes the following:

  • SEO Consultation

Before the beginning of any project, our team of experts provides SEO consultation to our clients so that all their queries and doubts got cleared. 

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research is an initial process of SEO. Keyword research played a significant role in ranking. We need to search and implement good & highly relevant keywords for your business in our SEO campaign. For effective keyword research, we use several paid tools and free ones also. 

  • On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO includes all those activities that we implement on a website to make it more SEO friendly. Here are some of the widely used SEO activities:

  • Title Tag implementation
  • Meta Tag implementation
  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Keywords tags Implementation
  • Addition of header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Tags)
  • Implementation of Alt tags and title tags on images 
  • Implementation of primary and helping keywords as per requirement
  • URL Optimization
  • Optimize images
  • XML sitemap generation
  • TXT file creation
  • Full Content Audit 
  • 301 & 404 error fixing through plugins
  • Webmaster tools code implementation (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • On-Page SEO process doing
  • Google Analytics Added

Cheapest/Affordable SEO package Delhi

INR 7000/Month (SEO)


  • Targeting Up To 15 Keywords (5 Main Keywords and 10 Helping Keywords)
  • Website Audit And Analysis
  • In Deep Keywords Research
  • Content Analysis & Review
  • Title Tags Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Sitemap & Robots.txt Creation
  • Webmaster & Google Analytic Installation


  • Social Bookmarking – 150 Submissions
  • Article Writing – 5 (In a Month)Per Word 60 Paise
  • Competitor’s BackLinks Analysis
  • Social Bookmarking – 150 Submissions
  • Classified – 70 Submissions
  • Image Sharing – 40 Submissions
  • Document Sharing – 10 Submissions
  • Blog Commenting – 10 Commenting
  • Profile creation – 20

Monthly progress report

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